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I’m going through all the photos I took this year. It’s not a ton because I spent almost the entire year either being pregnant (and nauseous, exhausted, and hospitalized for hypertension) or having a brand new baby (in and out of NICU). Two days after Anya came home from the hospital, I attempted newborn photos, […]

Very first photos of Anya Joy, and what they mean to me, Carrollton TX

December 6, 2020

oh anya..mommy loves you so

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Surprise! We are expecting a little baby in September. I kept this huge secret for a relatively long time (even to my own parents) for a very specific reason. As you’re well aware, we have two boys already. My stepson Ryan, age 10. And my son Grayson, age 4. (He’ll turn 5 in October.) Women […]

Boy or Girl: Are We Getting a Baby Brother or a Baby Sister??? Carrollton, TX

March 22, 2020

hey's michelle

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Having a brand new studio in our brand new house is amazing. But it’s also kind of a liability when coupled with the fact that I’m a boymom to a ridiculously spirited eight-year-old aspiring professional Fortnite dancer and an almost criminally insane two-year-old escape artist. They can be so much! And man, do they love […]

Happy Father’s Day: A Note to my Favorite Adult Person

June 16, 2018

hey's michelle

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It’s always one of my greatest joys when I get to take photographs for friends and family. It’s an even greater joy when I get to document milestones for them. And the Chamberlain family just celebrated an amazing one – the birth of baby Alison. I joined them in the hospital less than two days […]

Chamberlain Family: Fresh 48 for Baby Alison, Lewisville TX

June 8, 2018

fresh 48: so sweet and all brand new

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So it’s a verifiable fact that I basically disappeared all of March and most of February. I’m here to explain why, and I’m really excited to share our news. In February we started house hunting. Wow, I had no idea what we were in for. It was my first time and though it was not […]

Big News for the Papciak-Carrieres on Juniper Lane

April 30, 2018

hey's michelle

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