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I’m going through all the photos I took this year. It’s not a ton because I spent almost the entire year either being pregnant (and nauseous, exhausted, and hospitalized for hypertension) or having a brand new baby (in and out of NICU). Two days after Anya came home from the hospital, I attempted newborn photos, […]

Very first photos of Anya Joy, and what they mean to me, Carrollton TX

December 6, 2020

oh anya..mommy loves you so

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Up until halfway through my pregnancy I was convinced I was having a girl. First of all, I thought a baby sister would be just perfect. After all, I already had my stepson, Ryan. Also I had always pictured myself with a daughter. (But to be fair, I was so fiercely independent my whole life […]

Newborn Session: Thomas & Family, Carrollton/Plano TX

August 17, 2018

newborn sessions: the wonder of being brand new

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When I had my son almost three years ago, I was scheduled for an induction a week before my due date. Not a lot of drama there. I really liked the idea of going into labor and having his arrival be a surprise. But he had measured so big the doctor didn’t want to wait […]

Newborn Session: Alison Jane, Carrollton TX

June 30, 2018

newborn sessions: the wonder of being brand new

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A lot of goodbyes are bittersweet, and this is one of them. On the one hand I am so sad to be losing not only a favourite family of clients, but dear friends as well. I had three photo sessions with these sweet mamas and their adorable baby girl since she was born in 2017. […]

A Goodbye Letter to One of My Favourite Families

June 25, 2018

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

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It’s always one of my greatest joys when I get to take photographs for friends and family. It’s an even greater joy when I get to document milestones for them. And the Chamberlain family just celebrated an amazing one – the birth of baby Alison. I joined them in the hospital less than two days […]

Chamberlain Family: Fresh 48 for Baby Alison, Lewisville TX

June 8, 2018

fresh 48: so sweet and all brand new

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One of my favourite things about Facebook, other than keeping up with my long-distance Chicago family, is seeing my memories every year. Obviously as the mom/stepmom of two adorable boys, pictures of them when they were TINY BEBES is one of my favourite things. But it’s also things like what appeared yesterday. It was only […]

Album No. 25: Noberger de Garcia Family, the Colony TX

January 8, 2018

this day last year..bring on the memories!

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