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I remember distinctly the moment when, having crossed solidly into adulthood, it became clear that the general consensus was that New Years Eve was overrated and exhausting. I remember feeling sad and a bit confused that every one had suddenly come this conclusion without me. Because I still enjoyed New Years Eve.. I kinda still […]

Holidays: the Magic of New Year’s Eve According to Me

December 31, 2020

hey's michelle

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I think it would be difficult for me to express how much fun I had at the Ongleys’ extended family session, but I’ll try. Pam (whose Grandma name is “Lolly”, how cute is that!?) is one of my mom’s close friends. She has a son and a daughter (Ryan and Erinn), and five grandchildren between […]

Family Session: The Ongleys at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Plano TX

December 4, 2019

family sessions: a whole lot of love

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Having a brand new studio in our brand new house is amazing. But it’s also kind of a liability when coupled with the fact that I’m a boymom to a ridiculously spirited eight-year-old aspiring professional Fortnite dancer and an almost criminally insane two-year-old escape artist. They can be so much! And man, do they love […]

Happy Father’s Day: A Note to my Favorite Adult Person

June 16, 2018

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