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Friends you stay close with despite living a considerable distance away are a special kind of friend. That’s the kind of friend Ana is to me. We see each other once a year, twice if we’re lucky. This is due to the fact that her family is located in Houston, while mine lives in Dallas. […]

Portrait Session: Izzy and Ella at Pleasure Pier, Galveston Beach TX

September 16, 2019

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

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I want to use today’s blog post to pay tribute to a wonderful friend of mine who is celebrating a birthday today. That friend’s name is Jessica, and we actually met in high school (though we were not super close). Of course since we were acquaintences in high school, this automatically made us friends on […]

Portrait Session: Sam & Kate at Breckinridge Park, Richardson TX #happybirthday

August 27, 2018

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

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By the time I got my studio set up this year, after moving into our dream house in March, it was most of the way through summer and I realized I hadn’t been outside in ages. I mean, I’d been outside. It’s inevitable, right? And it’s ELEVENTY HUNDRED DEGREES (hashtag, Texas). But what I mean […]

Teepee Session: Paisley Jean at Arbor Hills, Plano TX

August 23, 2018

teepee sessions: an mcp signature session!

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