I hardly ever do lifestyle sessions anymore. After I got my in-home studio set up, I thought WHY? Why would I lug all my equipment out into the world when I have this beautiful space? Well let me tell you, I may have remembered why. My family got a little bigger (and cuter) this summer. […]

Up until halfway through my pregnancy I was convinced I was having a girl. First of all, I thought a baby sister would be just perfect. After all, I already had my stepson, Ryan. Also I had always pictured myself with a daughter. (But to be fair, I was so fiercely independent my whole life […]

When I had my son almost three years ago, I was scheduled for an induction a week before my due date. Not a lot of drama there. I really liked the idea of going into labor and having his arrival be a surprise. But he had measured so big the doctor didn’t want to wait […]



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