Front Yard Session: the Rucker family on Juniper Lane in Carrollton, TX

August 19, 2020

family sessions: a whole lot of love

We are lucky to live in a super wonderful neighborhood. Tons of nice people, lots of festive decorations around the holidays, and of course our beautiful home. But one of the things we are most grateful for since we moved to our neighborhood are our neighbors, the Ruckers.

Ruthie is Grayson’s age, 5. Caleb is 2. And this August the Ruckers added a brand new little dude to their family. His name is James. Kristin and I were actually pregnant most of the year together. She was due in August, while I was due almost exactly a month later in September. Due to her baby coming slightly late, and my baby coming three weeks early, James and Anya are about 10 days apart in age. Block parties just got a lot more fun now that these two are here.

Kristin and Matt are the most fun ever, and these kids are the absolute sweetest. So when she came to me and suggested a “front yard session” I immediately said yes. We would make it a socially distanced, slightly different version of a front porch session, which because popular early in the pandemic.

We used popsicles as a prop because a) how appropriate in the dead of summer and b) Kristin was definitely “about to pop!” Even their dog Ollie got in on some of the fun! I’m sure he agreed a popsicle sounded like a great idea mid-August.

I love how this quick little session came out. So much love in these photographs, and you can see how much fun this family has together. In particular, I think some of my favourite photographs are when dad Matt is pretending to eat Ruthie’s popsicle. Of course this is the funniest thing ever to her, and I have to admit it cracked me up as well.

Thanks for the fun session, Ruckers!

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