Portrait Session: Izzy and Ella at Pleasure Pier, Galveston Beach TX

September 16, 2019

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

Friends you stay close with despite living a considerable distance away are a special kind of friend. That’s the kind of friend Ana is to me. We see each other once a year, twice if we’re lucky. This is due to the fact that her family is located in Houston, while mine lives in Dallas. A common workplace (with a branches in DFW, Austin, and Houston) brought us together half a decade ago. What has kept us friends after all these years and through all the distance is a bit of a beautiful mystery .. or maybe a miracle. I’m not sure what bonded Ana and me. We both have children, husbands, but not a lot else in common.

Yet she is one of my sweetest and most treasured friends. It brings me joy every time we visit Houston or Galveston and get to see her, her husband Daniel, and their daughters. Izzy is 11 (how!?). Ella, who is 4 and just a few months older than my son, is extra special to me because Ana and I were pregnant at the same time. (That was one of the years we saw each other more than once – three times actually! We both attended the others’ baby showers.)

It’s no secret an annual beach trip has become a routine for my family – this is the third year. This year instead of staying in Houston or Pearland, we centered our trip squarely on Galveston. We stayed just 10 minutes from the beach. We also leveled up our trip in another way: for the first time, we brought Grayson’s big brother Ryan along.

The peak of our weekend came on Labor Day, when Ana brought Izzy and Ella along to join me and my boys on the beach. Ryan and Grayson wore swimmies and flip flops; Ana and I had chosen something a little more dramatic for her girls.

Ana, thank you for making this dream session of mine a reality. I can’t even picture anyone but your girls modeling for me. They are absolutely perfect. In other news, it absolutely kills me that I can’t immediately move to Galveston and do all my portrait sessions on the beach. I think that would truly be my happy place. And I would be so much closer to one of our most special friends.

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