Engagement Session: Courtney & Chris in Plano, TX

August 13, 2019

engagement sessions: all the heart eyes

I love engagement sessions and how special they can be. As a photographer, I mostly focus on babies, children, and families; it’s true. But love is amazing and planning a wedding is so huge!! Not to mention capturing a connection between a couple, marking the beginning of their path toward becoming connected forever. So when Courtney contacted me the night Chris proposed, I felt thrilled. (I had already seen the post on Facebook, hearted it, commented congratulations, wondered who she would choose as a photographer, haha!)

Another thing I like about an engagement session is when I get to work with someone whom I knew previously, and get to know their other half for the first time. I have known Courtney a couple of years, but meeting her fiancé Chris was a first for me. It’s fun to meet someone’s person. It can kind of even give you an extra insight into someone you already knew pretty well.

If an engagement session is done right, it hopefully brings out the personalities of the couple you are photographing, and how they fit together. I definitely received some insight into this balance with Courtney and Chris’ session, as we moved between locations. We kept the first half of the session a little more formal, at the Shops at Legacy. For the second half of the session, we dressed down a bit for Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

Courtney and Chris are a good match. During the planning process of her session (which was super fun and involved looking at tooonnnns of shoes and dresses together) Courtney referred to herself as “extra” more than once. (I am totally here for it by the way. Hello, natural drama is kind of my thing #everydaymagic) But Chris takes it in stride and knows just how to “handle” her. He keeps her in check – he balances her out.

They joked with each other a ton – at times it was at Courtney’s expense but she knows just how to give it back to him. I was highly amused by the two of them by the end of the night. I love to see that. A connection between two people that is uniquely THEIRS.

I also love that Courtney had a sense of humor while planning the session. “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME” ?? Amazing. These two have already set a date and will be tying the knot next September.

Happy engagement, Courtney and Chris. Our session turned out to be a blast (despite the heat!!), and I feel so honored you chose me to capture your engagement. Many happy years to you both, and a bitchin’ wedding of course!

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