Birthday Session: Campbell turns 2 (with ice cream!) in Carrollton TX

July 22, 2019

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

One of my absolute favourite things is building the concept for an in studio session from scratch, with the help of the client who booked the session. I got to do that with Amy and Stephen when they booked a studio session for Campbell. Campbell will be 2 on August 2. The themes came together pretty easily. Toddlers have pretty well-defined likes and dislikes. Since Campbell’s favourite movie is Up, we chose a blue sky with white clouds for the backdrop backdrop. For props, we went super simple with a bunch of balloons (which come at no charge with birthday sessions! This goes for cake smashes as well.)

Campbell was such a sweetie. He warmed up to the camera after awhile and seemed fascinated by the flash. Mom and Dad even got in on the pictures too. This gave this session a personal touch that was extra adorable and I hope will be memories Amy and Steven want to keep forever.

Studio sessions can be really nice, especially in months like July where the daily high can reach 100 degrees outdoors. Plus when you book one, you get to get creative. You can take advantage of props and backdrops I already have, or think of something totally original.

For example: when Amy booked Campbell’s session, she knew she wanted to do a second setup that was something messy. She was also sure they didn’t want a cake smash, as that had already been done when Campbell turned one. What’s the next obvious step from cake? OBVIOUSLY ICE CREAM. This was one of many ideas we brainstormed (after all, the sky is the limit). After we finished the portrait session, I literally went to the kitchen, made Campbell a sundae, and then let him go to town. It was honestly so much fun. I’m sure it’s something we’ll all remember forever. And look how adorable he is, getting up close and personal with his sweet treat.

Campbell, I hope your birthday is as sweet as you are!

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