Real Talk: A Behind the Scenes Studio Moment, Carrollton, TX

June 8, 2019

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OK, time to get real!! A little behind the scenes #inthestudio moment for you..

They’re not all keepers. THE PHOTOS, NOT THE CHILDREN 😂 These are our kids: my son Grayson (3.5 years), my stepson Ryan (9 years), and his baby sister Alison (1 year). I love these littles more than anything in the world. These are some outtakes from their Independence Day photos. I set up the backdrop and banner. I picked out each outfit (even Alison’s) and matched them to each other and to personalities (that hot dog/watermelon/smiley face shirt is SO my son). Then I decided to pick my battles and let both boys wear comfy (read: ugly) shorts. After all, it’s only July 4th. It’s not even Christmas or Easter. No reason to upset people (and trust me, clothing choices definitely upset these boys sometimes).

So here are some of my favourite crazy photos from their shoot. Trust me, there were lots of cute ones. BUT man, do these kids have a lot of personality! Much more fun to take a moment to examine some of the more hilarious shots we got.

Take the group shot, for instance. Alison clearly feels so annoyed she can’t crawl away and go do her own thing (she turned one last month and thinks she’s grown). Grayson refused to sit for almost any of these photos without holding Captain America (we talked him out of Spiderman, who was less on theme). And Ryan has perpetual Photographer’s Child face (I put him through so much).

Don’t stress about how your little is going to act on the day of their photoshoot! I know I said they’re not keepers, but honestly as a mother, these photos are worth as much to me as the more polished, beautiful smiles.

Capturing their personality, all 10,000 gallons of it, is something you’ll appreciate more than you can know. And then of course, we’ll get the framable shots as well. 😎

If a studio session is something you’re interested in for your little, please visit my sessions page for details. Also, don’t forget that Independence petite sessions (the outtakes of which I’ve posted above) can be booked now!  Best part, you can book one ONLINE! These sessions take place June 22 and 23.

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