Engagement Session: Chris & Pratiksha at Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake, Dallas TX

December 6, 2018

engagement sessions: all the heart eyes

This session became something a little different than my normal sessions, and took over a month to plan and execute. I think the results were worth the wait, and I hope Chris and Pratiksha agree. Their engagement session, which took place on the Sunday I arrived home from our fabulous Thanksgiving family trip, spanned two classic Dallas locations, and encompassed three outfit changes. As a photographer, I consider every detail of a session during the consultation period. It’s part of my job to help ensure your photos are perfect in every way. This time, however, the amount of thought that went into the session on the part of the clients amazed me!

The first part of our session took place at the Dallas Arboretum, and was a more traditional engagement session. I almost didn’t need to pose Chris and Pratiksha at all – they were so natural and sweet with each other that it really comes across in their images. I’m always impressed by this. Don’t be nervous for your session; I promise it will end up feeling more natural than you think!

As we walked around the grounds of the arboretum, we were stunned by the beautiful fall colors. Pratiksha and I discussed how they had seemed to appear as though from nowhere just in time for Thanksgiving. (I’d noticed it while we were away at Cedar Creek Lake as well.) The fiery trees felt like the perfect backdrop to capture the love between Chris and Pratiksha, who met when they were very young back in India. As they told me their story, how they met as teenagers in their home country and moved to Texas together, I thought about what it would be like having all that history between you.

This history and connection between them comes through when you look at their images. We moved to White Rock Lake next to have the more casual, fun half of the session. (I hardly have anyone ever request two locations, so this was both exciting and challenging!) By the lake, Chris and Pratiksha’s planning and thought for detail really shine. They brought a beautiful white bicycle to use as a prop. The bike represents the very beginning of their relationship and definitely makes their photos unique. I love the sense of humor too – they were really riding that biking, and honestly laughing at how hard it was to ride up that hill! I hope it’s a memory they treasure. Every time I look at these pictures, I smile. I adore this kind of spirited love.

By the end of the session, my photographer brain was panicking just a little bit, because the sun was definitely past setting. But Pratiksha, Chris, and I soldiered on. I positioned them very strategically on the dock, in the only direction where there was any remaining shred of sunlight. Pratiksha wore a beautiful dress and sparkly heels. Chris looked dashing in an honest-to-god bowtie. AND THEY BROUGHT BALLOONS!! I love these shots. Sometimes the things you panic the most about turn out so beautifully. Truly a lesson to always trust yourself and roll with the punches.

Pratiksha and Chris: I feel so honestly lucky that you guys picked me! I had a beyond wonderful time with you and love the way your images came out. I appreciate your commitment to getting the most from your photos, and your trust in me while I was photographing you. Best wishes to you both as you begin your life together! I hope to see you again sometime in the future.

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