Family Session: the Carriere family at Frisco Heritage Center, Frisco TX

November 10, 2018

family sessions: a whole lot of love

We don’t really get a typical fall season in Texas. This session took place October 27, and I’m sure it was at least 80 degrees, if not closer to 90s. The leaves on our trees might turn colors around December 15, for about a day, and then they’ll be dead for four months. The grass also dies around that time and just looks gross until summer. So when I got a chance to plan a fall family photoshoot, complete with a ruby-and-mustard color palette, with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece .. I was on cloud nine.

Plus the fact that we chose the Frisco Heritage Center as our location? Dream!

I had been wanting to shoot there for a long time, so when my sister-in-law Christyn told me she wasn’t sure about a site for a session, I threw it out there. She loved the look of the place: the wooden facades, the train tracks, the rustic atmosphere. And I was sure it would all look great with our color scheme. Speaking of our color scheme..that skirt started it all. I had already bought the skirt in three other colors, including pink and teal, and really, really wanted a reason to buy it in the mustard color. Christyn loved it, so it joined the others in the dream closet. I’m so excited to lend these skirts to more clients! Every session I used them in was a completely different location, and they just always work so well to lend a little romance and class to a session.

Funny story: there was actually another little girl there with another photographer, wearing the exact same dress as Caroline! Caroline was pretty excited about this.

Let me write for a second about how fantastic my niece is. Caroline Elizabeth: you are truly one of a kind! I honestly never imagined a three year old making me laugh as much as she does. I also can’t really get over how smart she is (and always has been). At the age my son is now (they’re five months apart) she could count to thirty and I swear he counts like this: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, nine, ten, eleven, twelve! Which is also in itself amazing. But Caroline is basically brilliant. And more than anything, it’s been a joy watching my baby brother, Jason, become a father.

Nobody is more fiercely devoted to their family, to the ladies in their life, than my brother. I’m constantly amazed at how every move he makes is for Christyn and/or Caroline. You can basically see the joy on his face in all these photos: those girls are his world, and he couldn’t love it more.

At the end of the session, when we felt like we’d exhausted our options at Frisco Heritage Center, we headed back to Little Elm. On an impulse, we decided to stop at one more location just a few moments down the road from the Carriere house, and I’m so glad we did. A little cemetery on a hill served as the perfect location for a few final pictures before sunset.

Jason, Christyn, and Caroline: I love y’all SO MUCH and I hope you love your pictures just half that much. I had a blast with y’all on this not-so-crisp-and-cool fall day. And I so appreciate everything you’ve helped me with since I became a photographer. Here’s to many more photoshoots to come over the years, and may they be more and more beautiful. Because all three of you get legit prettier every year 🙂 Love y’all.

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