Birthday Session: Sawyer Turns 2!! Melissa, TX

October 18, 2018

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

I always love a session where I can see my little buddy Sawyer. And I’ve gotten to do two of them so far this year! His birthday sessions are my favourite. This is the second year I met up with him and his mom to document him turning one year older. And we got to have some special fun both times.

Sawyer, like most boy todders, completely ignores the camera ninety percent of the time. I know this stresses his mom out, but I assure her every time that we’ll still get some great shots (and if not, there’s always photoshop!). It’s because I know the secret – it only takes a split second for me and my camera to capture Sawyer flashing me an adorable smile as long as his mama is making him laugh.

When Emilie chose her final selections from her edited proofing gallery, she told me that as hard as it was to narrow it down, she did have a strategy. She picked photos that represented “all the faces of Sawyer.” I think this is such a great idea – I know as a mom I love having pictures of all my kids’ expressions. Happy, sad, bratty, hilarious.

I think you can tell we got all the faces here. Except for bratty, because Sawyer was a total champ at his session!

Sawyer’s moms are great at theming his sessions. I noticed that last year when he turned one and this year’s birthday was no exception. One of the big themes we stick with every year is Harry Potter. And Sawyer’s mom Emilie goes all out getting props. Sawyer’s Harry Potter photo from last year, complete with a wand, Gryffindor tie, and an adorable crocheted house elf, is in my portfolio to this day. I have people email me all the time asking me where I got the amazing Harry Potter props, and unfortunately I have to tell them they’re not mine!

*adds investing in some Harry Potter themed props to my to-do list*

I love this session and I look forward to doing it again next year! Emilie, Lesley, and Sawyer: you three have truly become some of my favourites.

Another special note: Sawyer was my very first DEAR SANTA session of the year! If you’d like to sign up for one, e-mail me for info on dates and times! They will only be available two weekends in November so book today if you love cookies, milk, and Christmas.

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