Teepee Session: Paisley Jean at Arbor Hills, Plano TX

August 23, 2018

teepee sessions: an mcp signature session!

By the time I got my studio set up this year, after moving into our dream house in March, it was most of the way through summer and I realized I hadn’t been outside in ages. I mean, I’d been outside. It’s inevitable, right? And it’s ELEVENTY HUNDRED DEGREES (hashtag, Texas). But what I mean is: I hadn’t done any outdoor sessions in forever. Understandably, photography had taken a backseat to house hunting and moving. And then outdoor photoshoots took a backseat to setting up a studio portfolio.

So by late July I was dying to get back out there. Despite the heat!!!

I booked a lot of fun sessions, including Nicole’s super fun session with her sister and niece, and was having the best time. But I was still missing one of my favourite types of sessions: my signature teepee sessions. I did so many last summer and just hadn’t had the time to even promote them this year. I made a weak, last minute little blog post but it was too little too late. These sessions typically book the best in the late spring early summer (and for some odd reason late winter) and I had missed my window of opportunity for the year.

Until I met miss Paisley Jean and her mama Kelly.

Kelly and I met on a mom group on Facebook. It sounds kinda cheesy but it’s for real! We made a few coffee dates one week after another, all of which ended up canceled for one reason or another – honestly it was almost a joke. It was like the only reason we texted each other anymore was to cancel. But we didn’t give up, and I thought of an even better way for us to meet up: a photoshoot for her adorable 8 month old daughter! Kelly loved the teepee theme, and bonus: we got to bring our husband-type-people for them to meet too.

I am so glad we got to finally meet up! Kelly and Garrett were about the two sweetest people we’d ever met, and we’re so glad they’re moving closer by. I can see us having a lot of playdates in the future (Grayson freaking adores babies). Plus I’m so grateful to Kelly for allowing me to arrange this photoshoot, because I got to use Miss Paisley as a model! Last time I went to consignment (a month before we moved and I set up the studio), I bought about $50 worth of girl clothes. Y’all know I don’t get to do that normally!! If I’m honest, it was overwhelming, and as a boymom I am not equipped!Β πŸ˜‚ Really cute stuff. It’s all just been sitting in the Michelle Carriere Photography dream closet for the most part! I just haven’t gotten around to photographing most of it yet.

But on the day we met up with Kelly and Paisley, she got to model not just one but two of the outfits I have available in the studio! I am so excited. They look amazing on her cute little self. (The blue outfit looks a little awkward on a hanger. But loooook at it on her!! 😍) I so appreciate clients who help me out with things like this. It’s like a win-win!

Kelly, Garrett, and Paisley: I am so glad we’ve become friends. I look forward to seeing how much fun we can have together in the future. And you know I need all the baby girl models I can get (hashtag, boymom)! <3

PS. In case you can’t tell, I figured out tonight how to put emojis in my blog postsΒ β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸŒžπŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ˜‚βœ¨ Soooo that’s happening now, so go ahead and hop on board, cuz it’s not going to stop. #iloveemojis #ialsolovehashtags #yeseveninblogposts #stopmenow

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