Newborn Session: Thomas & Family, Carrollton/Plano TX

August 17, 2018

newborn sessions: the wonder of being brand new

Up until halfway through my pregnancy I was convinced I was having a girl. First of all, I thought a baby sister would be just perfect. After all, I already had my stepson, Ryan. Also I had always pictured myself with a daughter. (But to be fair, I was so fiercely independent my whole life up until meeting Paul that I also always pictured myself as a single parent, too.) When I found out the baby in my belly had a weewee, I was in a tiny bit of denial. But I bought boy clothes and bedding. I decorated the room for a boy (super hero theme). I picked out a boy name. Despite this, I also half-convinced myself that when I gave birth I would shock the world when the baby came out weewee-less.

It didn’t happen. My baby was all boy, every inch. And the thing I realized the moment he was born, is that he was the only baby I’d ever dreamed about. Sure, when I actively imagined my baby, it was a girl (I named her Anya). Whenever I chose to dream about my baby during the day I saw a girl. But at night, whenever my baby came to me in my dreams, it was a boy baby I saw and held. And when he was born, I named him Grayson.

I do love little girls (prime example, my adorable niece). I relish any excuse I get to buy girly clothing and props. But I get the most excited when I meet other moms who only have boys. Because there is just something so sweet about being a boymom.

I met Ashley when a dear friend of mine recommended my photography services to her. Amy and I have known each other since we were 9, and for a significant part of my life she was my favourite friend. She was a photographer even before I was – proving we always had a lot in common. Receiving inquiries from someone recommended by a friend or previous client is basically the most amazing thing. To have someone trust you so much as an artist that they recommend you to the people they love is the best compliment ever. And like I said, that’s how I met Ashley, Jeff, Henry, and baby Thomas.

Ashley and I worked together to plan the session. I appreciated both the fact that she’d put thought into the pictures and that she seemed open to ideas and suggestions. For unforseen reasons, we had to reschedule the original date we had planned for the session. And by the time baby Thomas arrived at the studio, he was sixteen days old and unbelievably strong! He gave me a run for my money trying to contain his little body in a wrap.

I must also comment that this kid had one of the most fabulous newborn heads of hair I’ve ever seen! Do you not agree?

I mentioned Ashley’s flexibility and patience, and I should mention it again; I appreciated it so much. Once her originally planned studio session had passed, I found I was not completely satisfied with the number and quality of the family photos I had to offer her. We took family photos at the end of the session. Thomas had become cranky – being the star of the show is a lot of pressure, after all. Two hours in, we had lost all hope of keeping the attention of Henry, age 2.5, as he had found a friend in Grayson. (And also the playroom in our house, which we were silly enough to locate directly across from my in home studio. But what are you going to do; there’s only so many rooms in a house.)

For this reason, I offered Ashley a small reshoot the following weekend at a park. We would get there early when both boys were hopefully fed and happy and when the light was still beautiful and reattempt to get a few gorgeous shots of the four of them. Though I feel like 8:45am is a completely hostile time for the daily temperature to reach 100 degrees, thankfully that was near the end of our session. I’m pleased with how these photos came out. And I hope Ashley is too.

Ashley, Jeff, Henry, and Thomas, it was perfectly lovely meeting you! I was so happy to meet another boymom. Another curly-headed toddler mom. Someone else who agrees that Amy is one of the best people out there. I’m so happy for y’all and your precious new addition to your family, and I do hope we get to hang again soon. Even if it’s just so Grayson and Henry can chase each other on a playground. Maybe when the temperature is back in the double-digits 🙂

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