Newborn Session: Alison Jane, Carrollton TX

June 30, 2018

newborn sessions: the wonder of being brand new

When I had my son almost three years ago, I was scheduled for an induction a week before my due date. Not a lot of drama there. I really liked the idea of going into labor and having his arrival be a surprise. But he had measured so big the doctor didn’t want to wait past 39 weeks. As the end of my pregnancy was not my favourite time, I felt fine with this.

But then 8 days before my induction was scheduled, the high risk doctor performed a scheduled, routine c-section on me on a Tuesday afternoon. I took the afternoon off work. I planned to head to Starbucks and then the nail salon following the appointment. That way my mani situation would be on point when I had my baby a week later and inevitably would be photographed with my new miracle in the hospital. Y’all, I straight peeled half my polish off.

But then I got to the doctor and was told the baby was coming out TONIGHT. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT 8 EXTRA DAYS OF BEING PREGNANT AND A SORELY NEEDED MANI-PEDI. I had the baby via c-section four hours later. And I had no Starbucks.

I liked the way the situation ended up though, because ultimately his arrival ended up being a surprise. There was none of the usual dramatics: No water breaking at work. No middle of the night labor pains. But he was a surprise, and I was so happy that day ended up being his birthday, half painted nails and all.

I was excited because Samantha, my stepson’s mother, ended up having a similar surprise.

This is Alison. She’s Ryan’s baby sister (and I’m calling her Grayson’s “sister-friend,” because they’re not technically related but I know those two are gonnabe tight.) On a Wednesday night in late May we got a call that she would be coming the very next day. I couldn’t believe it – she wasn’t due til early June. But she was ready to make her appearance, and we were sooooo excited for it.

This led to us moving up Samantha’s appointment for Alison’s newborn session by an entire week. Which was just fine by me, because it was my very first chance to photography a beautiful, tiny newborn baby in the studio. I may have gone a little overboard buying props and fabrics .. but what can I say, I’ll be extra prepared next time!

At only 10 days old, Alison was the perfect squishy little newborn size. Man though, this baby did not want to be wrapped. I was amazed that despite how tiny she was (have you ever noticed if you have a toddler you totally amnesia how small newborns are??) she was suuuuper strong. She was definitely a challenge to wrap. But I must say, pink is definitely her color!

Big Brother Ryan is no stranger to the camera or even the new studio, so he joined us to show his baby sister the ropes. Are they not so sweet??

We are so glad Alison is here! I have a hard time picturing what it was like before her. It’s sooo nice to have a girl in the family, and I can’t wait to see who she becomes as she grows up. Congratulations again, Samantha and Richard!

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    So good Michelle

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