A Goodbye Letter to One of My Favourite Families

June 25, 2018

littles sessions: heart, energy, and joy

A lot of goodbyes are bittersweet, and this is one of them. On the one hand I am so sad to be losing not only a favourite family of clients, but dear friends as well. I had three photo sessions with these sweet mamas and their adorable baby girl since she was born in 2017. I took for granted that there would be many, many more. But I can’t be only sad. Because I know they’re headed on a great adventure to an even more beautiful and exciting life.

I met Sabrina and Jami through my sister in law, Christyn. They had just had a baby girl and needed newborn pictures. On a Sunday I joined them in their home to take B’s photographs. I was still new to photography at this point and every photoshoot was an adventure — not to mention a learning experience. Jami and Sabrina were more than ready though (not to mention patient!). Little B had plenty of adorable outfits ready. I brought a few props and blankets. But most of all I tried to capture the love these three had between them, because I was absolutely in awe of it. I think it came through in these early pictures, and every time I’ve photographed them since as well.

Since Little B had a tribal/teepee theme in her room, Jami and Sabrina were excited to learn about my teepee sessions. We planned one for when B was sitting up. It ended up being right around the holidays.

Don’t be fooled; we never actually get snow that pretty in Texas! But B’s teepee session gave me a chance to get creative, and I love Jami and Sabrina for giving me the opportunity. Quite obviously, they used the above image for their holiday cards!

Since we were in downtown McKinney, we did a family shoot as well. B had grown quite a bit!

The completion of my in home studio corresponded almost perfectly with Little B’s first birthday at the end of April. I invited her and her mamas in immediately for one of my very first in studio sessions. It was kind of a hot mess! An antsy one year old who wanted nothing to do with sitting still and smiling pretty. A photographer who was still hanging backdrops on the wall due to not having a stand yet. But we did pretty OK I think!

How could we not with a face that sweet?

B’s cake smash went swimmingly! She was very curious about the cake, and dove right in without fear or hesitation. I love when a baby is all about the cake. (Though I do like when they cry those sweet little tears over the sticky icing too, because hilarious.)

The bittersweet moment came at the end of the session. We were wrapping up and I suggested how cute B would be in a summer teepee session, wearing a specific dress I’d seen her dressed in on Facebook. Sabrina smiled at me sadly and gave me the worst news I’d gotten all week: She, Jami, and Little B would be moving away, all the way across the country. And it would be soon.

I can’t be too sad for myself; this move will be fantastic for them. New opportunities, adventure, a new life all together. I’m excited for them. And they’ve promised to come back to visit and even get pictures taken again someday. I will definitely miss these three though in the meantime. Sabrina’s friendly, enthusiastic personality; Jami’s sweet, mothering spirit; B’s bright blue eyes and infectious smile. And the love. AAAALL THE LOVE. So J, S, & B, this post looking back on our sessions together is to let you know a few things.

I want you all to know how much you helped me in my photography journey. Honestly. You were always so patient and grateful, and up for absolutely anything. The value you put on the images I created for you means sooo much to me.

I hope you also know I have come to think of you not just as clients but as friends. I will truly miss you guys as you start this amazing adventure in a brand new state, but I will just have to look forward to a visit when y’all come back to Texas.

Thanks for everything, and I wish you absolutely all the best things <3


  1. Kirsten says:

    This is such a sweet tribute – so heartfelt. It’s amazing how clients become friends.

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