Happy Father’s Day: A Note to my Favorite Adult Person

June 16, 2018

hey there..it's michelle

Having a brand new studio in our brand new house is amazing. But it’s also kind of a liability when coupled with the fact that I’m a boymom to a ridiculously spirited eight-year-old aspiring professional Fortnite dancer and an almost criminally insane two-year-old escape artist. They can be so much! And man, do they love being in mommy’s studio. With all the fancy props. And the expensive equipment. And my camera I love almost as much as them. Aaaand OH LOOK A COMPUTER!!!!!

Of course, their father does his best to reign them in when necessary. Have you tried reasoning with a toddler though? Hilarious.

But their father. Let me tell you a few things about their father. First of all, I can’t believe what an amazing surprise he was in my life. I literally never saw him coming. And he surprises me to this day (surprises are like, my favorite thing ever so this works out well). But how could I have predicted how good he’d be for me? How happy he’d make me? How many sappy blog posts I’d write dedicated to him? (I’m kidding, this may be..MAY BE..the first one.)

Paul wouldn’t ever believe he’s the best dad in the world .. but what does World’s Best Dad even mean? I think it would be hard to define, and in the end probably nobody would live up to it. He is an amazing dad though – he always sacrifices for his boys. Paul listens to them and reads to them and plays with them. He builds things for them. He snuggles them. And he keeps their mom(s) and stepmom happy.

And on a photography related note, he has basically become my Michelle Carriere Photography intern. FOR FREEEE. He rolls my backdrops, and puts things together, and most importantly, models for me when I need to test lighting or backdrops. And y’all, he HATES it. But he literally never complains, and he smiles. I can’t believe how much he believes in me, and my photography dream. And so I say again: I never saw him coming, and I don’t know how I got so lucky.

Happy Father’s Day to my favourite person ever, for whatever reason 😂😍 We haven’t known each other forever, but the years since I’ve known him have been the best ones ever. He is the reason I have children. The reason I have a house. And he’s the reason I have so much love and possibility in my life. I can’t wait to see what else we have together.

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