Chamberlain Family: Fresh 48 for Baby Alison, Lewisville TX

June 8, 2018

fresh 48: so sweet and all brand new

It’s always one of my greatest joys when I get to take photographs for friends and family. It’s an even greater joy when I get to document milestones for them. And the Chamberlain family just celebrated an amazing one – the birth of baby Alison.

I joined them in the hospital less than two days after Alison arrived to document her sweet, fresh little face before she was 48 hours old. Alison arrived about two weeks early and was a bit of a surprise, at least to me. I hadn’t even finished sharing her mother’s maternity pictures on Facebook! And I never did write a blog post.

Because all of a sudden, she was here.

Blended families aren’t always easy. But my stepson Ryan has been a great big brother for two and a half years – longer, really. He’s loved his little brother, my son, since before he was born. So I know he’ll continue to be loving, protective, and nurturing to his baby sister at all.

I overheard a touching conversation (albeit a one sided one) between Ryan and my son Grayson in the car a few months ago as we were leaving Ryan’s mom’s house. He said to Grayson, “Grayson, say bye bye to Baby Alison. Aren’t you excited to have a baby sister soon?”

Beyond heartwarming to me. We’ve never once called Ryan and Grayson “half brothers,” despite the fact that they only share one parent. And the fact that Ryan is willing to share his baby sister with my son is a shining example of the kind of family we all want to have. Harmony is so important in these situations. It makes for happy kids. I know Alison will be so loved by both Ryan and Grayson, and I hope it makes her happy.

We all love you, Alison Jane! We’re over the moon that you’re finally here with us.

Can’t wait to watch you grow and photograph every second of it!

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