Vaughan family: First Birthday Celebration for Reese, Rhome TX

January 10, 2018

family sessions: a whole lot of love

As long as I’ve known Kim, I’ve known how much she wanted to be a mom. When we worked together, we discovered we had this in common and talked about it often. This was before I was a mom, too. One year ago today Kim got her wish when Reese appeared like a tiny little angel. Over the past year via many a social media post I’ve watched Kim document memories and moments that I know she’ll treasure forever. I am so honored to say I got to help document a particularly important milestone: Reese’s first birthday.

The day she turned eleven months old, I met Kim and Brandon at their home, and finally got to meet their little blessing. Totally worth the wait. Reese’s eyes sparkle with happiness and mischief, and a joy that springs from within. It’s totally contagious.

We started the session with family photos. Unfortunately the time of day was less than ideal, but the entire family were rock stars and we definitely made the best of it. This also provided Reese’s daddy Brandon with the opportunity to wear a cowboy hat. A decision I one hundred percent support! Hashtag, Texas pride.

Seriously, is that not the look?? Obsessed.

Once we were finished outside, it was time to get messy! We went back in to the adorable cake smash set Kim had designed herself. I was genuinely impressed with the thought and effort that had gone into this. Usually this kind of thing is the photographer’s responsibility! But Kim had handled it all, and thought of the most adorable theme: Winter Wonderland.

With a setup and model this cute, the pictures practically take themselves!

Throughout the session I was truly touched by the warm dynamic of the family. One of the things that struck me was how involved and enthusiastic Brandon was about capturing his daughter’s milestone. We all know how our husbands can be sometimes. They will smile pretty for the pictures but the planning and involvement comes down to us moms 99% of the time. (At least that’s how it is in my family. I seriously have to convince/bribe/threaten Paul to be invested in the sanctity of his own memories.)

But Brandon was on top of things. He gave encouragement to Reese as she smashed her cake. He caught details and made adjustments, and helped out in any way he could (a lot of the time without even being asked). I was just so impressed by this. His love and dedication for his baby daughter shone through.

Reese, I had such an awesome time being even a small part of your special day! To the Vaughan family, thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I truly saw how complete your world is now, and all because of this precious tiny little lovebug. I hope the next hundred birthday celebrations are as amazing as this one.

  1. Ann Vaughan says:

    These turned out perfectly priceless!

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