Album No. 25: Noberger de Garcia Family, the Colony TX

January 8, 2018

this day last year..bring on the memories!

One of my favourite things about Facebook, other than keeping up with my long-distance Chicago family, is seeing my memories every year. Obviously as the mom/stepmom of two adorable boys, pictures of them when they were TINY BEBES is one of my favourite things. But it’s also things like what appeared yesterday.

It was only a year ago, y’all. And it was such a real life dream!

It wasn’t perfect by any means, and it was almost an accident. I wandered onto an app called Thumbtack. I got some free credits (that’s how they get you). Then I sent some quotes because I was oh-so profesh. I promise you that I warned people that I was a beginner. And a beautiful angel named Friederike clicked on my quote and then hired me. It was amazing. She said yes to me taking pictures of her adorable daughters! I was so excited I forgot to be panicked. (I’m not really a worrier by nature anyway.)

I was in over my head for sure, but I was also in absolute heaven. I’d never seen three more beautiful little girls. They almost didn’t even seem real. I walked into the Noberger’s beautiful home and marveled at the gorgeous light streaming through their living room window. I would end up taking their family portraits in this room. The two older sisters, Olivia and Valentina, were playing on the couch. I prepared my props and my camera.

Some of my favourite pictures from the shoot were not of the person I was there to photograph. Baby Amaya was 10 days old and this was her newborn photoshoot. We did get plenty of the typical newborn shots, in the crib, in a basket. Multiple outfit changes. But my favourite images from the session were spontaneous and unplanned. I still use them in my portfolio (re-edited of course).

Friederike had taken Amaya into the next room to feed her, and left her two older daughters in the living room with their father, grandmother, and me. I remember listening in amazement as they babbled amongst themselves in English, Spanish (from their father’s side), and German (from their mother’s side).

And then they noticed me and my camera.

I’ll never forget how much fun I – no, I think we – had as they posed, making silly faces and hugging each other tight. They then would hurriedly scramble to the end of the sofa to see what I had captured on my camera’s screen. I love the images I took. Partly because of the adorable, old fashioned outfits Friederike had dressed them in, so delicate and classic. Partly because of their youthful beauty. But also because of the sweet sisterly connection that was captured here. Now that Amaya is a year old, I’m sure she’s joined their bond as well.

Friederike, I hope this year that has passed has treated you and your girls and your family well. I can’t imagine that you haven’t had good fortune with such blessings surrounding you. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me and being the beginning of this amazing journey I chose to take. I couldn’t possibly be more grateful. I owe you a reshoot someday now that I know what I’m doing 😉 For being so kind and for helping me more than you know, I thank you.

Have a happy new year, and hug those girls for me.



  1. Friederike says:

    Michelle, it was so amazing and touching to read your kind words and wonderful description of our photo shoot with you. I have read your text several times already and it makes me cry every time. You have a gift for beautiful writing just like you have for photography! We are so glad and feel truly blessed that our ways crossed the exact moment when our third baby girl completed our family and you started this new and amazing path of yours. Your pictures are a gift we will forever cherish. We see them every day and remember these magical moments when the first pictures of our three girls together were taken. Thank you so much for this!
    With lots of love!
    The Garcia Noberger Family

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