Christmas-themed Teepee Session, Downtown McKinney, TX

December 23, 2017

teepee sessions: an mcp signature session!

A little less than a month ago, I had a whirlwind weekend with one session per day – three in total. I even did one on Black Friday (coming soon!). In a three week period I did eight full sessions. Everyone wanted Christmas themed images! I was honestly so thrilled my Dear Santa sessions were as popular as they were.

I can’t pick favourites, but one session that became very special to me with with Little B. She rocked her teepee session, and as a bonus – it had a Christmas theme! Thanks to her clever mamas, who brought a garland complete with little white twinkle lights. Obviously no Christmas session would be complete without adorable outfits, and Little B had those to spare! Every once in awhile I’m jealous of people who get to buy baby girl clothes – I only have boys. And then I think of how overwhelmed I would be with choices and sparkles and ruffles .. and how my whole house would be full of clothes. (Right now it’s full of cars, video games, and Elmo and Mickey Mouse stuff .. #toddlerlife)

Due to a holiday event in downtown McKinney on the evening we had scheduled, we needed to be flexible and move our session up to the morning. This meant we needed to get a little creative with our location to avoid having a bright November morning sun in our faces. We managed to find a beautiful juniper in a small park and made it work! The tree muted the sunlight in a gorgeous way. No squints here, just smiles!

Speaking of getting creative, this session became an amazing opportunity for me artistically as well. One thing I love about Little B’s parents is they’re always up for trying anything! I learned this about them when we met in the spring for Little B’s newborn photos. (Totally can’t wait to write the flashback post for that one!) So in post processing, I got a little creative with a certain shot of Little B in the teepee. Her mamas love it .. just one reason why they’re my favourite kind of client! Going outside the box with my edits more and more is one of my goals for the near future. I so appreciated being given an amazing opportunity to practice.

Don’t you wish that was real life? I’m of course only speaking to my Texan friends; you other lucky ducks get to see real snow all the time! So jealous.

To Little B and her mamas: I feel so blessed to have y’all as clients. Every time I meet up with you three I see what love looks like. That sounds so cheesy, but I don’t know how else to say it! You are a testament to what loving mothers will do for their babies and their families. Little B is so lucky to have you guys, and I feel lucky to now count y’all as friends. I look forward to capturing lots of moments for you in years to come.

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