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December 4, 2017

hey there..it's michelle

Hi there! So hopefully you’re as excited as I am about all the new changes I’ve made to this website (not to mention my photography style) in the last few months – I have been working HAAAAARD – or you haven’t noticed at all and it’s just me that’s excited. But that’s OK. You’re still here.

This is my very first blog post .. and it also isn’t. I had an old blog on the old (crappy) version of my website, but decided not to bother with bringing them over into the new awesomeness. However, something I did think would be fun would be to do a THIS DAY LAST YEAR kinda thing .. a flashback to old sessions on their anniversaries.

This would not only give everyone a second time to shine here on the new blog, but also be a fun way to see how far I’ve come since starting my journey into photography. It’s a long way, to be sure. A year ago I knew nothing about shooting or editing and sometimes it amazes me how much I’ve learned. I got my Nikon D3300 (a red camera, dear Lord, what was I thinking??) on November 4 last year. This means it’s been over a year since I started learning, but I count my business anniversary as January 4, as that’s when I truly started doing sessions. So January feels like a good time to start my throwback posts.

I’m also going to write some posts so you guys can get to know me through the blog. Surely it won’t take long; I’m a pretty friendly person. While recently discussing a client with a friend of mine, she told me, “You want to make everyone your friend.” And it’s true! Whenever someone is new in a situation, I want to befriend them, because being the new kid is never fun. Whenever I meet someone for the first time to take their photographs, I want to instantly open up and know them, their life story, everything. I have never been great at keeping my own secrets because I’m very open and so not a private person. So we’ll see how that goes now that I’m blogging.

So come along with me friends (see, I’ve already decided you’re all my friends now) and let’s see how this goes.

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