You may remember the Chamberlain family from not too long ago; I took their in home Christmas photos / pregnancy announcement photos in December. How far their family has come in less than a year. When I took their photographs in January 2017, Richard and Samantha had been married about a month. And now they […]

I’m very excited to announce these limited edition sessions, just in time for Valentine Day. This past weekend we shot the promos and I’m loving how they turned out. These sessions will perfectly capture the spirit of the sweetest time of year. These minis will be available four days (see below) with four 20-minute time […]

As long as I’ve known Kim, I’ve known how much she wanted to be a mom. When we worked together, we discovered we had this in common and talked about it often. This was before I was a mom, too. One year ago today Kim got her wish when Reese appeared like a tiny little […]

One of my favourite things about Facebook, other than keeping up with my long-distance Chicago family, is seeing my memories every year. Obviously as the mom/stepmom of two adorable boys, pictures of them when they were TINY BEBES is one of my favourite things. But it’s also things like what appeared yesterday. It was only […]

Happy one year anniversary to my photography business! One year ago today I started a facebook page, and three days later I had my first paying client. (Post to come.) Today I’m going to write about some of the things I learned very early in my photography journey. After I mastered manual mode that is! […]

Hey y’all! I wasn’t sure if I’d be making another post this year after Christmas Eve. But I can’t help it. The ideal opportunity presented itself when we traveled to Chicago to visit Paul’s family for Christmas. Because my perfect mother in law (who I am not technically legally related to because I’m technically not […]

I didn’t think I would start my This Day Last Year posts until January, which is when I officially started sessions last year. But then a few images I took with my first DSLR came across my memories on Facebook. They seemed like the perfect opportunity to share! Especially since Christmas is one of my […]

A little less than a month ago, I had a whirlwind weekend with one session per day – three in total. I even did one on Black Friday (coming soon!). In a three week period I did eight full sessions. Everyone wanted Christmas themed images! I was honestly so thrilled my Dear Santa sessions were […]

If I’m completely honest, I’ve wanted to photograph these gorgeous girls for a long time! My chance came when their mom Karin signed them up for a Dear Santa session. On a Sunday evening with a beautiful sunset, we met at Bear Creek Park. I had never been to this particularly sprawling park, but it […]

This will be a short post. I just couldn’t help sharing a sneak peek of what I think was one of my favourite and most exciting sessions ever:┬áReese’s first birthday / winter wonderland themed cake smash! I haven’t photographed a cake smash since spring. And this is the first time I’ve ever done one indoors. […]



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