This post is a little bit “Dear Grayson” and a little bit “This Day Last Year.” Because these year old pictures came across my Memories on Monday and I’ve been staring at them ever since. I’m not one of those people who curses the racing flow of time. My son has only been around almost […]

When I had my son almost three years ago, I was scheduled for an induction a week before my due date. Not a lot of drama there. I really liked the idea of going into labor and having his arrival be a surprise. But he had measured so big the doctor didn’t want to wait […]

A lot of goodbyes are bittersweet, and this is one of them. On the one hand I am so sad to be losing not only a favourite family of clients, but dear friends as well. I had three photo sessions with these sweet mamas and their adorable baby girl since she was born in 2017. […]

Having a brand new studio in our brand new house is amazing. But it’s also kind of a liability when coupled with the fact that I’m a boymom to a ridiculously spirited eight-year-old aspiring professional Fortnite dancer and an almost criminally insane two-year-old escape artist. They can be so much! And man, do they love […]

It’s always one of my greatest joys when I get to take photographs for friends and family. It’s an even greater joy when I get to document milestones for them. And the Chamberlain family just celebrated an amazing one – the birth of baby Alison. I joined them in the hospital less than two days […]

Despite the insane Texas heat, summer has always been one of my favourite seasons. Memorial Day, Fourth of July. Grilling, hot dogs, pick-nicks, melting ice cream and popsicles. Fireflies and buzzing cicadas. Water parks and swimming pools. Even the heat. And, if you’re very, very lucky: the beach. Being in Dallas, we don’t have a […]

I almost can’t believe it. It’s that time of year again! That’s right: summer means teepee session time! Today is the last day of May.¬†And even though it’s already seemed like the middle of summer for weeks now in good old Texas thanks to the weather, real summer is just around the corner. And a […]

So it’s a verifiable fact that I basically disappeared all of March and most of February. I’m here to explain why, and I’m really excited to share our news. In February we started house hunting. Wow, I had no idea what we were in for. It was my first time and though it was not […]

You may remember the Chamberlain family from not too long ago; I took their in home Christmas photos / pregnancy announcement photos in December. How far their family has come in less than a year. When I took their photographs in January 2017, Richard and Samantha had been married about a month. And now they […]

I’m very excited to announce these limited edition sessions, just in time for Valentine Day. This past weekend we shot the promos and I’m loving how they turned out. These sessions will perfectly capture the spirit of the sweetest time of year. These minis will be available four days (see below) with four 20-minute time […]



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