Friends you stay close with despite living a considerable distance away are a special kind of friend. That’s the kind of friend Ana is to me. We see each other once a year, twice if we’re lucky. This is due to the fact that her family is located in Houston, while mine lives in Dallas. […]

I hardly ever do lifestyle sessions anymore. After I got my in-home studio set up, I thought WHY? Why would I lug all my equipment out into the world when I have this beautiful space? Well let me tell you, I may have remembered why. My family got a little bigger (and cuter) this summer. […]

I love engagement sessions and how special they can be. As a photographer, I mostly focus on babies, children, and families; it’s true. But love is amazing and planning a wedding is so huge!! Not to mention capturing a connection between a couple, marking the beginning of their path toward becoming connected forever. So when […]

My younger son’s birthday is in October, so every year around this time I start planning his birthday party. Likewise, it’s time to start planning for YOUR fall family session! (I know, I can’t believe summer’s basically over either.) In this post, you’ll read the main four reasons why you should book your fall portrait […]

One of my absolute favourite things is building the concept for an in studio session from scratch, with the help of the client who booked the session. I got to do that with Amy and Stephen when they booked a studio session for Campbell. Campbell will be 2 on August 2. The themes came together […]

Fourth of July felt extra special this year. I think part of it is that the third season of Stranger Things came out literally on July 4, set inĀ  1985 (fabulous year) and centered around Independence Day. The larger than life holiday + 80s vibe of it all spoke to me. So when I met […]



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