Hi everyone, and a very happy new year to you all. The month of January is very nearly gone, and yet this is my very first blog post of 2019. Sorry for that – but I have been a very busy bee. I actually have some exciting personal news that I wanted to share with […]

I think six months may be one of my favourite baby ages. They’re smiling, they’re sitting. They have so much personality! This was definitely true of little Miss Alison at her six month milestone session in the studio at the beginning of December. We kept the shoot simple, with a gray seamless paper backdrop and […]

This session became something a little different than my normal sessions, and took over a month to plan and execute. I think the results were worth the wait, and I hope Chris and Pratiksha agree. Their engagement session, which took place on the Sunday I arrived home from our fabulous Thanksgiving family trip, spanned two […]

We don’t really get a typical fall season in Texas. This session took place October 27, and I’m sure it was at least 80 degrees, if not closer to 90s. The leaves on our trees might turn colors around December 15, for about a day, and then they’ll be dead for four months. The grass […]

I smiled the whole way home from this photoshoot – so much to be happy about! I felt comfortable with the Capeners from the moment we met, and that can sometimes be tricky. All photographers must accept meeting new people as a part of the job. If I’m honest, it’s normally one of my favourite […]

I could write about this kid forever .. but I promise to only shove about five hundred words in front of your face tonight. Six hundred, max. And there will be pretty pictures! But, yeah. My child turned three two weeks ago and I could basically not be any prouder of him. There’s nothing inherently […]



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